Nritya Sree

Cultural Classical Dance Society  
A Narrative of the Art 

Nritya Sree is a performing arts events consulting and management outfit based out of Delhi NCR. It's an initiative to collaborate with performing artists, festival organizers & corporates across India, and the world. Specifically with those in the field of classical arts. 

Performance Management

A vibrant celebration of Indian Classical performing arts featuring incredible solo and group artists in varying styles. Nritya Sree cultural classical dance society conducts and maintains artistic festivals.

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Navarasa Margam is a festival organized every year for young age artists with extraordinary abhinaya skills. Various artists participate in performing in groups or individually representing Navarasa in a Margam sequence of each dance piece.

Awareness Management

To carry forward the work outlined in the industry standards, Art educators need easy access to a wide range of timely, useful, and accurate information that can support their efforts. 


We are very happy and excited to share our our Journey album with you.

Imagine a world without artforms! By infusing our community with high-quality dance productions and encouraging the abilities of our artists, Nritya Sree is preserving and enhancing the many benefits of this great art form. 

Most assuredly, a world without dance would be a world without opportunities for expression, beauty, tradition, and development and a world without the fulfillment of dreams.