Nritya Sree - The Idea

Welcome to our artistic exploration of arts, featuring original production works and the talent of Classical & Folk Dance, Classical & Folk Music, Instruments, Drama, and more.  


Imagine a world without artforms! By infusing our community with high-quality Dance, Drama, and Music productions and encouraging the abilities of our artists, Nritya Sree is preserving and enhancing the many benefits of this great art form. 


Nritya Sree's Idea is to educate and provide inspiring experiences for the artists and community.  We seek to nurture, encourage, and develop our artists and audiences in performances' creativity, imagination, and joy.

Nritya Sree - The Founder

A celebrated artist began her journey in Bharatanatyam in Sri Sathguru Sangeetha Samajam, Madurai, and later moved to Delhi and studied in Gandharva Mahavidyalaya. Subsequently, Indira continued learning classical dance from various eminent gurus like Padma Shri Komala Varadan and Guru Smt Kanaka Sudhakar. 


Today, she is a star performer and has won several accolades, Indira is known for her patience in teaching. She nurtures and nourishes her little disciples in a way to creates interest in dancing for a long time. Indira’s approach encompasses training students both in dance (theory and practice) and dance aesthetics.

They are also made aware of the related fields of music, acharya (costuming & make-up), and stage design. 



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